For Gallery A4 (ver. MIT 2021.03.13 )



Baker House AR (for Aino+Aalto Exhibition, Tokyo)

対応機種 Chrome/Safar. iPhone 11と12(Xは不可). Androidはメモリ6GB以上の機種. スマホの充電が30%以下ではうまく作動しません.
Compatible with iPhone 11/12 (not X) and Android models with 6GB or more RAM. Please charge your smartphone battery above 30%.

Baker House 3D (for viewing with computers)

対応機種 WindowsまたはiOS のコンピューターでメモリ8GB以上の機種. iPhone 11と12(Xは不可). Androidメモリ6GB以上の機種。
For laptops (8GB or more RAM), and mobile device (iPhone 11/12 and Android device with 6GB or more RAM).



    Download materials. (For use by a4 only)